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Get Professional Installation of the Highest Quality Dog Doors

Your lifestyle is busy, and sometimes it’s hard to get home on time to let the dog out. With an energy efficient, attractive Hale Pet Door, you can keep your dog healthy and do all things you want to do.

Whether you want a dog door in your door, wall, screen or right through glass, Parker Pet Doors can install it for you. Each of these installations can be the right one for you – depending on your home’s floor plan and traffic pattern.

There’s the right size Hale Pet Door for your pet as they come in 11 sizes for the smallest kitty to the largest dog. It’s important to get a pet door big enough for your dog so he doesn’t have to stoop or crouch to get through. Your dog should have at least an inch clearance above his shoulders so he doesn’t hit the top of the frame and hurt himself. This clearance also makes your dog door flaps last longer.

Get a pet door from a company that believes in their products. Hale Pet Doors have a 5 Year Warranty that includes the flaps. The flaps are replaceable if they wear out, so you don’t have to replace your entire dog door. Made in the USA since 1985, Hale Pet Door makes the original double flap, energy efficient dog door.

With 4 colors of frames and flaps, there’s sure to be a color that will coordinate with your home’s color scheme. The elegant fit of the Hale Pet Doors will enhance your home while giving your pet the freedom she deserves.

Call 720-588-3642 or fill out the form to get the best pet door professionally installed your dog or cat and your peace of mind.

"I am so please to be able to provide high quality pet doors to the pets of Parker and Castle Rock. Easy access to all the great outdoors has to offer gives everyone a better quality of life."
- Justin Carson - Parker Pet Doors

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